• Revolutionary Ultra-Flat CableConceal System
  • 2 Ultra-Flat 8' Gold-Plated Specially-Integrated High-Speed HDMI Cables
  • 1 Ultra-Flat Specially-Integrated Power Cord
  • 2 Empty Channels for Additional Cables
  • No assembly required!
  • Perfect for apartments!
  • No drilling required!
  • Easily installs in minutes!
  • Paintable to match room!
  • Save hundreds on costly professional installations!
Specially Designed System

Unlike any other product, CableConceal is a complete system, preassembled out of the box, and designed to be the thinnest, easiest to install, and highest quality product available today!

Only 5 Credit Cards Thick

CableConceal is only 7.0 mm thick – about 5 credit cards – making it nearly invisible. Now you can say goodbye to messy cluttered cables and keep your favorite room looking great!

Easily Installs In Minutes

Simply peel off the specialized backing and push onto the wall – no tools or drilling required. You can even paint CableConceal to match your wall color for an even cleaner look!

"It was so easy to install, and really like the slim cover that hides the HDMI cables. It even had extra spaces for the red, white, and yellow audio cables. I'm going to paint the cover so the whole thing looks like it was professionally done. You actually get a lot for the money. Highly recommended!"

- Nester Valle

"The entire process took me less than 10 minutes. I was very proud of accomplishing such a satisfying home improvement project so quickly! Due to the color of the wall in the room, I don't need to paint the unit but am glad to know it is paintable if needed in the future. I highly recommend CableConceal!"

- Susan Randall